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Phone numbers

Location is everything. A local number makes it easier for customers to reach you, and toll-free numbers build your brand on a national level, numbers can be added immediately, anytime, whatever your business requires.
Toll-free Numbers

Toll-free numbers provides the easiest way for customers to reach you, wherever they are in the country. Choose from 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or toll-free vanity numbers.

Local Numbers

Local numbers help establish a local presence, choose from hundreds of area codes. Calls can be routed to any device, anywhere.

International Numbers

International inbound numbers available from anywhere in the world. Local or toll-free numbers, any device can be set up to a local caller ID and route incoming calls without headaches.

Directory Listings

Directory Listings increase your company's visibility with free publication of your business details in local and national directories.

Cloud PBX

No longer are on-premise PBX's necessary to have advanced call features and functionality. Enterprise class voice services with 99.99% uptime, available anywhere your business requires.
Hosted PBX Service

Inexpensive and easy-to-use, hosted PBX services offer everything the on-premise PBX hardware provided and more. Communicate seamlessly with colleagues as though they were on-site.


An automated attendant greets and routes callers directly to you or to additional menus like a virtual receptionist.

Multi-level IVR

Multi-level IVR's expand upon the auto-attendant, by offering additional routing or access to other features like dial-by-name directory.

Role-based Access Control

Setup admins to manage your company's phone system, enabling 24x7 management and configuration from anywhere in the world.

Call Reports

Create call reports to analyse and gain insight into what numbers are getting more calls and tweak your marketing campaigns based on solid data.


Keep your customers entertained and informed with customizable music-on-hold, upload any MP3 for everyone or just one device.


Extensions are flexible and can point to any device or devices anywhere. Create, update, and remove extensions anytime.

Dial-by-Name Directory

Dial-by-name directory enables customers to easily ring anyone based on first or last name. Easy to enable, easy to maintain.

Hot Desking

Hot desking allows employees to share deskphones by just dialing a feature code when one clocks-in and the other clocks-out. Extensions, voicemail, and other features are assigned to that hotdesk, keeping connected from whatever office location.

World-Wide Voice

Easily connect across the globe with free extension-to-extension calling, and cost-effective calling plans within supported countries.


Bring your own device or use any of the fully supported devices and accessories offered by Quik, connecting the device or accessory of your choosing is easy.
Desk Phones

Quik offers the unmatched quality and dependability of Polycom®, Cisco®, and Yealink phones, with and without support for BlueTooth™ headsets, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and Presence with expansion modules. All phones provide industry-leading voice quality and come with a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Learn more >

Conference Phones

Quik offers the premier enterprise-grade Polycom conference phones with HD voice for the best user experience. Learn more >

Cordless Phones

Quik offers cost-saving Yealink SIP cordless phones. Multiple lines and industry-leading voice quality enable in-office mobility like never before. Learn more >

VoIP Headsets

Headsets provide a more natural way of interacting with callers. Quik CloudVoice supports a variety of top-quality headsets from Plantronics, Jabra and others.


Additional calling features available for advanced functionality to utilize the full potential of cloud-based voice communication services.
Secure VoIP Service

Secure and dependable VoIP service anywhere internet access is available.

Voice VPN

Secure your intra-office calls with a VPN connecting all of your voice devices.

Caller ID Control

Manage incoming and outgoing caller ID name and number.


Single touch outbound calling from any phone or internet-enabled computer.


Provide a link to connect your customers to your business from anywhere in the world.

Call Management

Customize the flow of calls for your business to provide the best experience for your callers whenever they contact you. Never miss a call and ensure your team has the best tools at their disposal.
Time-based Routing

Time-based routing gives your team the flexibility to route calls to the main number or any other extension.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls anywhwere you are, even when a site is unreachable from wherever you through Quik's portal or via feature codes.

Automatic Call Recording

Enable recording of inbound and outbound calls for everyone or certain users or disable it at your convenience. Recordings available for playback and download anytime or off-load to your own storage.


Users can share their status-available, busy, or on-hold-with coworkers and admins. Easy to setup and maintain, Presence across all devices (desk, mobile, and cell) improves convenience and productivity.

Call Transfer

Transfer an ongoing call to your mobile or to another extension seamlessly or attended.

Call Parking

Park a call to retrieve it later from another device.

Call Screening

Exercise complete control over who can call with blacklists based on specific numbers or range of numbers.

Call Logs

Logs of all inbound and outbound calls and faxes including caller ID name, number, extension dialed, time, date and duration available to your admins for up to a year.

Intercom and Paging

Make announcements via desk phones to coworkers across all locations or just a specific group. Learn more >

Realtime Notifications

Receive voicemail, text and fax notifications via email and SMS.


Messaging allows users to send and receive SMS/MMS via email.
Internet SMS/MMS

Send and receive texts via email with send confirmation and other advanced features.

Internet Fax

Internet faxing is more secure and reliable than traditional fax machines.
Internet Fax

Send and receive faxes via email with send confirmation and other advanced features.


Conferencing is essential to the modern work environment. Collaborate with colleagues all over the world almost as if they're in the room.
Conference Calls

Reduce unnecessary travel with unlimited conference calls up to 500 users with local dial-in support.

Voicemail and Greetings

Easily create, update and remove voicemail inboxes and greetings via the latest tools and alerts anywhere you go.

Ensure that you never miss an important message, access your voicemail anywhere, anytime from your online account or email. Receive notifications via email and SMS, or read the voicemail transcription.


Receive voicemail messages in emails and listen to them on the go.


Greetings and prompts help enhance your company's brand with quality audio prompts for a better customer experience.

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